The College was first registered in November 1990, with our device being registered in 1991. According to the founding Seneschal, Baron Uberto Renaldi, the sea serpent was chosen as our charge to represent the sea monster, named “Flessie” (Flinders Nessie), that is said to dwell in the lake on campus, and our patron Saint Christina was chosen because “she sounded kinda crazy, and that appealed to us at the time”. The College fell into dormancy after the 90s, before being re-established in 2021 by graduate students of other Colleges of Lochac. People from our college are usually called “chrissies” by the other collegians.

Saint Christina is the patron saint of millers, bakers, mental health workers, and people with mental disorders. Her feast day is the 24th of July.

The College’s coat of arms, as drawn by Raspbellie (known in the SCA as LĂ©onne Delecourt) places our heraldry – or, in pale a sea serpent nowed and a laurel wreath vert, a bordure embattled gules – on a shield between two rampant Pacific Black Ducks. The Pacific Black Duck was chosen due to the high number of them that can be found at the lake on campus. The two supporters here are known as Cheese (on the left) and Quackers (on the right).

Our motto, ex cinara volumus – “from ashes we fly”, was chosen to recognise our ascension from the depths of darkness up to the brilliant light of life. Our original motto was duo capita plura sunt quam unum – “two heads are better than one”.