What level of commitment is required?

As much as you want to give it. Members who only show up to something once in a blue moon are just as valid as those who don’t miss a single event. And if you’re unable to make in-person events often, you can always come chill with us in our discord server.

How much actual medieval knowledge is assumed or needed?

None whatsoever! A willingness to learn is generally helpful though!

What do I need to participate?

Nothing to start with! We have loaner gear for all of our activities, and any A&S workshops will include materials in the price. We also have loaner clothing that you can wear to garbed events. As you spend a bit of time in the society you may want to slowly accrue your own equipment and materials, but this is up to you, and at whatever pace is comfortable.

Is this HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) or LARP (Live Action Roleplay)?

The SCA shares some similar interests to HEMA and LARP but is unrelated. We are sort of between HEMA and LARP… our fights are full contact, unlike LARP, more like sport than roleplay. However we are more roleplay-eqsue than HEMA, and we focus on more than just fighting. And while we have “SCA names” similar to LARP, there isn’t any need to create a persona that is any different to your own.

Is this just European?

Nope! The only restriction is that the clothing be pre-1600. Popular non-European cultures to focus on in Australia are medieval China, Japan, Mongolia, the Ottoman Empire… probably the majority do focus on Europe, so many of our classes are more European-focused, but we would love to support you in whatever you’d like to look into.

What’s better, a cup or a drinking horn?

This is an ongoing debate within the Society, with many fine lords and ladies weighing in on either side. One ardent cup supporter was heard proclaiming “but, my lords and ladies, with the humble cup, you may place it down easily without spilling your drink!” and was immediately strongly contested by horn supporters, “horns just look cooler!”. Whichever side is more correct is unclear, so choose wisely.