Reoccuring Events

Fortnightly A&S meetups are held from 1-4pm at Flinders University. The final meetup of each month will be a workshop to make a simple item (like a bag or tunic). There may be a small fee to cover the cost of materials, or you can bring your own for free.

Tuesdays: Blessed Herman meetup, 6-8pm at Adelaide University Maths Lawns.

Sundays: Fighting practice, Rapier 12-2pm, and Heavy 2-4pm at Mellor Reserve on Brand Street, Beulah Park. $2 hall hire + $10 for non members insurance.

Other Events

Rowany Festival

Held just outside Mittagong in NSW around Easter, the Rowany Festival is the Kingdom of Lochac’s biggest event, and the largest medieval event in the southern hemisphere. The event runs for approximately a week, with events ranging from war and tournaments, to classes on sewing, etiquette, and languages. There is an entry cost, as well as the travel costs. College groups tend to save money by travelling in convoy with each other. If you’re interested in attending, you can find more information here.

Intercollege War

The Intercollege war is the Combined Colleges of Lochac’s premier event, held every year in July during the midyear study break. A different college hosts every year, meaning it could held anywhere in Australia. Compete on behalf of your beloved College in armoured combat, rapier, archery, and the Arts & Sciences, to earn points and prove the superiority and humility of your College to all. Needless to say, a group of university students camping in the middle of nowhere can get a bit… silly.